AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Wednesday designated his policy adviser to form a new government amid criticism of the previous government's handling of the virus pandemic.

In a statement published by the Royal Court, the king said he appointed Bishr al-Khasawneh the country's new prime minister and instructed him to form a government that meets the aspirations of the Jordanian people.

Al-Khasawneh will oversee parliamentary elections Nov. 10.

Abdullah on Saturday accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Omar al Razzaz. The king had dissolved Parliament a week earlier at the end of its four-year term. Under the country's constitution, that left al Razzaz's government a week to resign.

Jordan has nearly 20,200 confirmed virus cases, including over 130 fatalities, and the previous government was criticized for its handling of the pandemic.

King Abdullah urged Al-Khaswaneh to enhance coordination with other Arab countries and expand economic ties with them, as well as facilitate foreign and Arab investments.

The king said the Palestinian cause is also a top priority for the kingdom, and that Jordan would continue its efforts to bring about a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.