NEWARK, Del. (AP) — The University of Delaware will hold most of its courses online in the fall because of rising coronavirus cases among young people, officials said.

The school originally wanted to have a hybrid learning plan in the fall with in-person and online classes but on Tuesday, a letter to students and faculty detailed a different plan, news outlets reported.

University president Dennis Assanis said most undergraduate and graduate courses will be taught virtually, including all courses in the Associate of Arts program.

Assanis said the change comes amid the asymptomatic spread of the new coronavirus and a spike in cases among 18 to 34 year olds.

Only courses that require in-person instruction will meet on campus, such as hands-on nursing instruction, animal handling courses and music instruction. Some classes for international students and students with specific needs will also meet in-person.

Tuition will not increase this year, although online classes generally cost more, according to Andrea Boyle Tippett, spokesperson for the university.

Classes will still begin on Sept. 1.