WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — You can find a lot of different toppings at a pizza joint, like sausage, pepperoni and veggies — even ham and pineapple. But iguana? State officials in Florida say a pizza place in West Palm Beach was shut down for a day last week after state inspectors found an 80-pound iguana stashed in a freezer. A rep for Pizza Mambo couldn't be reached for comment — but an employee told a local newspaper the reptile was a gift to the owner. The worker also says the iguana was stored in a separate freezer away from food used in the restaurant. After inspectors found it and told the owner it was a violation, the lizard was thrown away. Iguanas are considered a delicacy by some.


LONDON (AP) — Imagine - a 90-year-old grandmother climbing to the top of Scotland's iconic Suilven mountain. And that's just what Margaret Payne did. She imagined making the trek to the peak because she's confined to home because of the coronavirus. Payne calculated that climbing the stairs at her home 282 times would be the equivalent of the 2,398 feet she'd need to reach the top of the mountain. So, she set out to accomplish the goal by doing a few steps at a time each day until she got to 282 times. It took 73 days. Payne says she was inspired by military veteran Tom Moore, who completed 100 laps of his garden just before his 100th birthday to raise money for the National Health Service. Paine's effort raised $521,000, much of which came in small donations. The money will go to charity.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II