An Arabber, left, hands out free chicken and bread for West Baltimore residents in a horse-drawn cart, Wednesday, April 29, 2020. The 2,000 pounds of frozen chicken, which was donated to the University of Maryland, Baltimore from Holly Poultry, was delivered to residents by the Arabbers, street vendors who sell fruits and vegetables from colorful horse-drawn carts. The university estimated the donation will reach about 900 families as they help battle food concerns during the new coronavirus outbreak. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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BALTIMORE (AP) — Several pounds of free frozen chicken were delivered Wednesday to residents of Baltimore’s west side by street vendors who normally sell produce from horse-drawn carts.

Baltimore-based distributor Holly Poultry donated 2,000 pounds of chicken to the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Community Engagement Center to assist residents for whom it may be difficult to go to a grocery store amid the coronavirus pandemic. The center partnered with the Southwest Baltimore’s Arabber Preservation Society to deliver the chicken door to door.

Arabber Anthony Savoy wore blue disposable gloves and a face mask as he pulled his horse-drawn cart along streets in West Baltimore. Much like his yell when selling fruits and vegetables, Savoy’s yell cried “free chicken.”

Residents at one intersection ran up to a cart and lined up while another Arabber handed out a bag of frozen chicken and a bag of hot dog buns to each person. He turned away a woman who was not wearing a mask or gloves and told the crowd everyone needed to be protected. The woman returned and chased the cart while putting on her gloves and mask before receiving the food.

The university estimates the distributor’s donation will help 900 families.