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She'll have a No. 2 -- with a gold medal on the side.

Only hours after she shocked the world with her victory in the super-G, gold medalist snowboarder/skier Ester Ledecka enjoyed a post-victory dinner at, of all places, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Could she believe she had won yet? 

``No, not really,'' she said when we approached her at the fast-food joint, located not far from the snowboard course, which was supposed to be where her best chance for gold would come at these Olympics. 

What she did Saturday, on skis, over at the Alpine hill stunned everyone, including herself. 


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After her run, Ledecka saw her winning time and thought, ``Is this a kind of mistake?'' Answer: No. 

Clearly, she hadn't made plans for a big celebration. 
She ate quietly, basically unnoticed, with three other members of the Czech contingent. ``Don't tell my coaches,'' she said when asked what she was doing eating fried chicken.
As she stood up to leave, she casually picked up her gold medal and draped it around her neck. The people at the next table clapped, and off she went. 
Note to Ester: If you win the snowboarding gold, there's a Domino's across the street.