The Winter Olympics does what it can to wipe the slate clean in terms of swag.

No unapproved stickers on your helmets. No personal sponsors stitched anywhere on your clothing. No nothing, really. In that way, it can be a quadrennial festival of the bland, forcing athletes to get creative in terms of personal expression.

Snowboarding gets a bit of a break because the boardmakers get plenty of free airtime thanks to having their brand splashed across the bottom of their boards as the athletes soar down the mountain at Phoenix Snow Park.

For the most part, athletes are forced to get a little creative in terms of showing what they can do.

Snowboardcross riders Michela Moioli and Eva Samkova found a workaround during their event on Friday.

Moioli, who pulled away late in the final to grab gold, painted her fingernails red, white and green to honor Italy. It was the first time Moioli went patriotic in her nail choice.

“I guess I have to do it all the time now,” she said with a laugh.

Samkova, who earned a bronze to go with the gold she won in Sochi four years ago, did what she does before every event: by painting a thin moustache of the Czech Republic over her top lip.

The moustache was kind of a hot mess by the time Samkova stepped off the podium during the venue ceremony (pictured above). Not that she minded after scrambling from sixth to third in the finals.

“For me, it’s like gold,” Samkova said.