MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Preliminary results from Vermont's election Tuesday show a historic turnout for a primary in the state, Secretary of State Jim Condos said Wednesday.

Condos said well over 155,000 Vermonters voted on or before the primary.

The turnout figures will remain unofficial until all town and city clerks submit their official election results.

“Vermonters have resoundingly embraced voting early or absentee, and were also able to vote safely in-person during a pandemic,” Condos said in a statement.

While many Vermonters voted early, others used outdoor and drive-thru polling places, as well as traditional voting.

“It’s clear that Vermonters are taking this health crisis, as well as their Constitutional right to vote, seriously and are prepared to take the measures necessary to ensure safe voting in 2020,” he said.

In an effort to ensure voting during the pandemic, the Vermont Legislature authorized Condos to set up a system for the November General Election in which all active voters will be mailed ballots.

For the primary, voters were mailed postcards they could use to request ballots in advance.