TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A mask mandate for the public in Tulsa is expected to end April 30, according to Mayor G.T. Bynum.

“There has not been a spike in contagion resulting from spring break,” Bynum said Friday after meeting with Tulsa Health Department officials. “If these trends continue through the end of the month, the Health Department’s recommendation is that the City’s mask ordinance can expire as scheduled on April 30. I support this recommendation.”

Bynum said private businesses are allowed to require masks and restaurant and bar employees must also continue wearing a mask.

Events with more than 150 people must also meet spacing requirements and events of more than 500 people must have a safety plan approved by health officials, Bynum said.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City officials each approved mask mandates in July.

The Oklahoma City Council is to vote Tuesday on whether to allow its mandate to also expire April 30.

The rolling average of new cases in Oklahoma has spiked during the past two weeks from 354.3 daily to 523. State health officials say the increase is because about 1,300 positive cases from one laboratory was not recorded in the system the department uses to track cases until earlier this week.