SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle's century-old landmark Remo Borracchini’s Bakery is closing, another business ravaged by the pandemic.

The family bakery in south Seattle was known for its birthday and wedding cakes and announced on Facebook Saturday that it is closing for good after 100 years in business.

The local icon said it was “in the party business,” which has been devastated by the year-long stay-at-home orders. Within three hours, there were nearly 1,000 comments on the announcement.

“(W)e are in the party business. The problem with that is no one has been gathering over this past year to have those parties. Needless to say, it was devastating to our business. After considering our options, we’ve made a very difficult decision to remain closed permanently,” the announcement said.

The beloved bakery was featured in the children's book “A Ticket to the Pennant: A Tale of Baseball in Seattle,” by Mark Holtzen, which was set in 1955 in Seattle.