UNDATED (AP) — Global stock markets have declined today after Japanese exports plunged and Chinese trade tensions with Washington and Australia worsened. In early trading, the FTSE 100 in London lost 0.9%and Frankfurt's DAX sank 1.5%. The CAC 40 in France declined 1.5%. In Asia, the Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.6% and the Nikkei in Tokyo declined 0.2%. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong lost 0.5%. The Kospi in Seoul gained 0.4%. Wall Street is expected to open lower, with Dow futures down 0.7% and S&P futures down 0.8%.

LONDON (AP) — Drug maker AstraZeneca says it has secured the first agreements for 400 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that is now being tested. The company says it plans to secure further deals in order to expand capacity over the next few months. AstraZeneca says it has the capacity to manufacture 1 billion doses of the University of Oxford’s potential COVID-19 vaccine.

BEIJING (AP) — China has begun its most important political event of the year after a two-month delay because of the coronavirus pandemic. The meetings signal what the government is calling its victory over the outbreak that began late last year. The National People’s Congress will be highlighted by a speech Friday from Premier Li Keqiang (lee kuh-TYAHNG') outlining economic and social goals for the year. It's unclear if he will issue the usual growth target for China's economy.

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top government spokesman his country is considering attending the Group of Seven summit meeting, if the U.S. reschedules the canceled gathering. President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he’s considering rescheduling the canceled G-7 summit meeting with world leaders in the U.S. because, he says, it would be a “great sign to all” of things returning to normal during the coronavirus pandemic.

BEIJING — The central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus pandemic is believed to have originated, has issued a total ban on the hunting, breeding and human consumption of wild animals. The move is in an apparent response to research showing the virus most likely originated among bats and was transmitted to people via an intermediary wild species sold for food at a market in the city. The ban is effective immediately.