DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A state group voted Thursday to extend the Iowa Legislature’s adjournment until April 30.

The 24-member Iowa Legislative Council, which makes rules when the legislative body isn't in session, voted in a telephone conference call to extend the recess as concerns remain over the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the state. Legislators in March passed a resolution that prevented meetings until April 15.

The number of Iowans testing positive for COVID-19 increased by 125 cases Thursday, another single-day record, bringing the total to 1,270 across 79 of Iowa’s 99 counties. The state added two more deaths to its official count, bringing it to 29.

On Thursday, House Democratic leader Todd Prichard questioned how many days a delayed session might run, what plans are being made for a proposed state budget and what types of policy issues might be considered.

Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver said those questions are difficult to answer without knowing when the session will resume and the condition of the economy at that point. There also are other factors, such as the types of federal aid that will be made available, Whitver said.