And now, it's over.

Erin Hamlin's career with USA Luge ended Tuesday night with a sixth-place finish at the Pyeongchang Olympics. She was with the luge team in some capacity for nearly 20 years, after starting as a 12-year-old found through the organization's Slider Search program.

A look at her career:

_ Won women's world championship, ending Germany's streak of 99 consecutive victories in major international races. "It's the most under-recognized miracle on ice," USA Luge's Gordy Sheer said.

_ Won bronze medal at Sochi Games, the first Olympic medal ever claimed by a USA Luge singles slider. "Erin is such a great girl. She's always friendly, always smiling, always saying hello. It's very cool," German star and two-time Olympic women's luge singles medalist Natalie Geisenberger said.

_ Won women's sprint world championship in Austria, her second world crown, the third in USA Luge history and the first ever claimed by an American on a European track. "I've already gotten labels that I never thought I would. It's kind of the cherry on top, the icing on the cake. It's pretty cool," Hamlin said.

(Emily Sweeney, Hamlin and Summer Britcher celebrate a 1-2-3 finish for the U.S. in a World Cup race in Lake Placid, New York in 2015. Hamlin won, Sweeney took second, Britcher third.)

Hamlin Facts and Figures
_ 12 consecutive top-10 finishes in the World Cup standings (second longest active streak)
_ 6 World Cup gold medals
_ 9 World Cup silver medals
_ 8 World Cup bronze medals
_ 4-time Olympian (2006, 12th; 2010, 16th; 2014, 3rd; 2018, 6th)
_ Medaled in major international competition on 12 tracks worldwide (Lake Placid, Winterberg, Altenberg, Cesana Pariol, Lillehammer, Calgary, Igls, Sigulda, Oberhof, Park City, Konigssee, Sochi).

In Her Words
Hamlin said she hopes the teammates she's leaving behind exceed what she's done. "If I've pushed them to achieve just as good or greater things, then I think that would be pretty cool," Hamlin said.