It's all systems go for U.S. bobsledder Justin Olsen.

Barely a week after being released from a South Korean hospital after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, Olsen took part in the first runs of official two-man training on Thursday.

He was seated in the sled for the start of the first practice run, then took part in the push like usual for the second run. Olsen said he still isn't 100 percent, but expects to go through a full race-day simulation when training resumes Friday.

"It's good so far," Olsen said. "There's no hard feelings about the missing appendix."

There's been one unplanned benefit of going through the procedure: Olsen has lost a bit of weight. He weighed in Thursday at just under 230 pounds, which was his target for these Olympics.

"Before we got here I said I needed more activity, that I can't be this heavy," Olsen said. "Well, here we are."