NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) — The owner of a 7-Eleven convenience store in Connecticut has been arrested for selling invalid COVID-19 test kits, police said.

Authorities received a tip on Monday that a 7-Eleven store in New London was selling COVID-19 home self-testing kits for $39.99 each. It was determined the kits were not valid or were not approved by health officials, according to police.

Store owner Hussenin Alyelsherif, of Waterford, was arrested Wednesday with a criminal summons for larceny in the fifth- and sixth-degree.

Alyelsherif told WVIT-TV that he purchased a pack of 20 kits for $400 from a man who said they were authorized for use in other countries. Police took the tests before any were sold, he said.

The same day, authorities also located and seized 27 boxes of untagged cigars at the same location. Alyelsherif was arrested with a summons for possession of untaxed tobacco.

Alyelsherif is scheduled to appear in court for both cases on June 24.