Katie Uhlaender wished that Steven Holcomb could have been with her at these Pyeongchang Olympics.

She got the next best thing.

Holcomb's mother, Jean Schaefer, was among those to cheer and console Uhlaender after the final runs of the women's skeleton competition on Saturday night.

Uhlaender was very close with Holcomb, often calling the longtime U.S. bobsled star who died last May "my best friend."

"Holcomb's mom has been great," Uhlaender said. "I lived with her after I had a falling out with my mom and she took me in and supported me."

Uhlaender's mother was also there this weekend for the races, even making a surprise appearance near the top of the track for the opening runs on Friday night. Uhlaender said they hadn't seen each other in four years.

"She flew 7,000 miles to see me," Uhlaender said. "I know she loves me and I love her."