COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A federal magistrate on Thursday delayed the timeline for filing formal charges in the case of an Ohio man arrested on federal charges of making interstate threats and threatening a witness after posting videos from the U.S. Capitol riots.

Defendant Justin Stoll is accused of declaring in one video, “D.C.’s a war zone!...You ain’t got enough cops, baby! We are at war at the Capitol…. We have taken the Capitol. This is our country.”

When one YouTube viewer said they'd saved his video, Stoll warned that if the viewer took action to “ever jeopardize me, from being with my family,” then the person would meet his or her maker, and that he would be the one to “arrange the meeting,” according to a federal complaint.

Stoll's federal public defender and federal prosecutors both asked Thursday for a delay in the case because of limitations on how frequently federal grand juries can meet now because of the pandemic. Federal magistrate Judge Stephanie Bowman granted the delay and gave the government until March 16 to file an indictment.

After his arrest, Stoll was released under restrictions including that he remain in southern Ohio with electronic monitoring, stay off social media, stay away from firearms, obtain mental counseling and not contact potential witnesses or victims.