PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Board of Regents says tuition proposals by the presidents of the three state universities for the 2021-2022 academic year don't include increases for undergraduate students who are Arizona residents.

Regents President Larry Penley said Friday the stance taken by the university presidents reflects a commitment to ensuring that education is affordable despite the financial hardships placed on many students by the pandemic.

While Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona proposed no tuition increase for resident undergraduates, Arizona State University went broader by proposing no tuition increases for any current or incoming student, including undergraduates and graduate students.

Northern Arizona University's proposals include raising tuition for resident graduate students by 5%, and the University of Arizona proposed a 1.4% tuition increase for resident graduate students.

The regents will hold a virtual public hearing on the proposals April 6, and the university presidents will present their proposals to the board on April 8. The board is expected to vote April 15 on the proposals.