NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Vanderbilt University announced Monday that the school will limit attendance for the final two home games of the football season to families of student athletes and a group of other students due to concerns about the coronavirus.

A specified number of graduate and professional students will be able to attend the games, which will be held on Saturday and on Nov. 28, but fans and other Vanderbilt students won’t be allowed in, the university’s athletics program said in a news release.

The majority of school’s undergraduate body will leave the campus Friday, when in-person classes for the semester are scheduled to end.

The school says it is also planning to begin its basketball season without spectators at the games.

“Similar to our approach with fall sports, we owe it to ourselves, our student-athletes’ families and our fans to gather as much information as possible and understand all aspects of what a basketball game day looks like during this pandemic before determining our fan attendance policies," Vice Chancellor for Athletics & University Affairs Candice Lee said in the news release.