LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. (AP) — Firefighters in Lake Oswego weren’t prepared for the crowds that greeted them when they returned from a vaccine clinic in Molalla with dozens of extra COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Word had gotten out on social media that 130 extra doses needed to be used before they expired and firefighters found a line several blocks long when they returned to the station on Wednesday night, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Friday.

Staff administered all the doses and finished the final shot sometime around 10:30 p.m. after working 12-hours shifts.

Officials maintained a formal wait list of people looking for shots but officials say the excess doses easily exceeded the names on the list, said Gert Zoutendijk, the fire marshal and department spokeswoman.

The long line of hopeful vaccine recipients took the department by surprise, she said.

The initial news of the extra doses came from a nurse who texted a friend. At some point, someone put it on Facebook as the word spread. In the end, many had to be turned away and the department received 300 voicemails asking about the doses.

The fire department had 1,100 doses to administer at the original clinic in Molalla.

“We were not prepared to just have people show up,” said Gert Zoutendijk, the fire marshal and department spokesman. “It was huge. In the end, we didn't waste any, which was a good thing."