U.S. bobsledder Nick Cunningham doesn't think the Russian athletes competing in Pyeongchang should be able to walk with their nation's flag at the closing ceremony of these Olympics.

The Russians weren't allowed to do so in the opening ceremony. The International Olympic Committee will rule soon on whether Russians can at Sunday's closing, a decision that now seems particularly thorny since a Russian women's bobsledder failed a doping test _ the second athlete from that nation to do so at these games.

"I think they should walk out of here the same way they walked in, and then have the whole Olympics as the punishment," Cunningham said. "It's a punishment and that's what it is. You don't get to have a privilege like that to walk under your flag, and then maybe in four years you can have that honor of walking under your flag again."

Cunningham said he had no problem competing Saturday in the four-man event alongside Russians. He said he's employing an "innocent until proven guilty" approach about the Russians who are sliding in Pyeongchang, but noted that the accusations against women's pilot Nadezhda Sergeeva are "just devastating to see."

"We're all here to compete for clean sport," Cunningham said. "I'm not going to hold the men accountable for something that happened on the women's side."