When he was 8 years old, Olympian Jake Pates took a run down the halfpipe at Winter X Games.
He was so little and doing little tricks.
His tricks are so much bigger now.
Pates finished eighth Sunday on a night when Japanese rider Ayumu Hirano scored a 99 to take gold. 
"It was a really good time. It was fun," the 19-year-old from Eagle, Colorado, said. "It was sick to watch all the boys throw down super-hard. I enjoy watching the events just as much as doing them. It was cool."
He was reminded of his forerunning experience during the 2007 event. and just smiled. He reminisced on the experience, when he rode that day with Shaun White and other top riders.
"Just like a legendary crew of dudes. That was pretty fun, man," Pates said. "That was a big moment for me in life. That sparked an inspiration for snowboarding."
Next up for Pates, a trip to South Korea for the Winter Games.