SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ Winter Olympians who don’t win a medal can perhaps get lucky in love, instead.

Seoul, the gateway for athletes heading to the Pyeongchang Games, offers a must-visit spot for romantics, a place where they can express undying love or hopes of finding a special someone.

If a telecommunications tower doesn’t sound that sexy, consider this: Signs at the Seoul Tower encourage people to attach ‘love locks’ to the railings at the base of the landmark.

That ‘padlocks welcome’ policy sets Seoul apart from other cities like Paris. The French capital has stripped tons of love locks off its bridges, amid complaints that they’re eyesores and that their weight risks causing structural damage.

Lovers and those hoping to find love have responded enthusiastically at the Seoul Tower. Dense thickets of hundreds of thousands of the locks add a vivid splash of color to the tower’s viewing platforms.