Martins Dukurs is not an Olympic gold medalist. Tomass Dukurs is not an Olympic bronze medalist.

For a few weeks, many thought otherwise.

The Dukurs brothers _ Latvian skeleton stars _ finished second and fourth respectively in the men's event at the Sochi Games four years ago. And when race winner Alexandr Tretiakov of Russia had his gold medal stripped by the International Olympic Committee as part of the sanctions over a massive doping scandal, they were in line to move up to the gold and bronze spots.

That IOC decision has since been overruled. Tretiakov didn't get into these Olympics, but he still possesses his gold medal. And the Dukurs brothers say they're done thinking about what happened or what didn't in 2014.



"I wasn't looking back," Tomass Dukurs said. "I was getting ready for these Olympics. That process, I can't influence. ... It ended how it ended."

Martins Dukurs has more World Cup wins than anyone in history, but still doesn't have Olympic gold. He won't be favored in Pyeongchang, either _ that distinction is going to Korea's Yun Sungbin.

Martins Dukurs says he feels no pressure.

"I don't need to prove anything," he said.