EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Eugene police have now made 30 arrests of people suspected of rioting, breaking into businesses and setting fires on May 29 during a protest against the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The latest arrest came this week, The Register-Guard reported.

Police say Azariah Klote was arraigned Tuesday on rioting, burglary and theft charges.

Another arrest came April 1, when Geremiah Roberts turned himself in after noticing his photo shared on social media by police. Roberts was given a citation and a court date for rioting and disorderly conduct charges.

In mid-August, Eugene police published images taken from social media and security cameras showing more than 60 people police were trying to identify from the riot.

Since January eight other adults arrested have had court appearances. Of those, five pleaded guilty, while other cases are ongoing.

The final judgements included penalties such as probation, jail time and restitution to the store owners.

Deputy District Attorney Chris Parosa noted it’s unlikely many of those arrested will spend much of their jail sentence physically behind bars because the jail is already at full capacity, due partially to the delays in trials caused by COVID-19.

He added that those given jail time could serve it through alternative programs such as road crew service.